What’s for dinner?

The mantra that comes with every daycare pickup gets annoying.  Sometimes its because I don’t honestly know what to make, but other times, it’s just because I don’t want to get into it, especially if I chose to make something that they may not be super excited about.  Each drive home, I get the “I … More What’s for dinner?

Why Mommy Drinks

When is it okay to have a glass of wine?  How early is too early?  And should you hide it from your children?  I ask this as it’s 3 pm on Sunday, and it started to snow (again), and we’ve been stuck inside because of cold weather (like, negatives).  My two are doing circles around … More Why Mommy Drinks

Mommy, what’s this ______??? Insert any body part here. (14)

The other day, my youngest’s teachers at daycare informed me that while playing with a baby doll, my child very clearly pointed out the baby’s parts.  And was anatomically correct.  They wouldn’t even repeat what was said out loud.  I had to figure it out.  I nodded, and smiled.  Yes, I know my kid says “penis”.  I … More Mommy, what’s this ______??? Insert any body part here. (14)