Why Mommy Drinks

When is it okay to have a glass of wine?  How early is too early?  And should you hide it from your children?  I ask this as it’s 3 pm on Sunday, and it started to snow (again), and we’ve been stuck inside because of cold weather (like, negatives).  My two are doing circles around me, singing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song (Hot dog hot dog hot diggety dog) at the top of their lungs, and I feel no escape.  I look to my husband, who is judgement-free, as he is holding an open can of Bud Light.  I feel like drinking in the earlier hours makes more sense, so then I avoid the hangover and end up sleeping pretty well because it’s not a “pass out” sleep.  And then I look to my youngest, who is holding a toy soup can, pretending to drink it and saying, “this is my beer”.  My husband laughs.  “Do we need toddler AA?”

We both realize Alcoholics Anonymous isn’t anything to joke about.  Believe me, alcoholism runs in my family (two recovered).  But when do we draw the line with this?  I don’t want my kids to think its bad to drink in front of others, or shamed, but I also don’t want them to tell their teachers mommy decided to have a glass of wine on a Tuesday with dinner (or Sunday at 3 pm).  We all have reasons why we drink.  To forget something or someone.  To enjoy the taste of our food.  To melt away with worries.  But how can we do this with our household so full and so crazy all the time?

Here are the reasons why mommy drinks.

1) It makes mommy feel sexy.  Well, sort of.  Okay, maybe for a second, but better than not at all, right?

2) I had a horrible day at work, the kids are shouting, “what’s for dinner, MAMA??” and my husband just let me know he will be ridiculously late from work tonight (well, maybe an hour later, but it feels like longer with the hell I’ve had that day).

3) It tastes fantastic.

4) Sometimes seltzer, lemonade, or juice just won’t do.  (Or diet coke I guess, but I am not a coke drinker so I wouldn’t know personally.)

5) Our sanity.

6) It makes us “fun mommy”, to whomever we happen to be around.  Or do we just think that’s the case because we’ve had a couple?  Eh, who cares.

7) Because we can, even when breastfeeding.  For those of you breastfeeding moms out there, as long as you drink WHILE breastfeeding, and not in large quantities, the milk won’t be tainted.  And, bonus, it will be out of your systems by the time you have to feed again.  (Or is that just a lie I told myself?)

8) The chaos that is your house right now makes you want to curl up and cry.  So, why not have a glass of wine to make the world seem all rosy again?

9) You don’t fit into your actual sexy clothes anymore, so why not put on some sweats and pour a tall one?  You can feel tipsy while being in comfort, so why not?

10) We’ve given up being the PTA, stand-up, political figure in our town.

Seriously though, as I drink my glass of red wine while writing this, I think that judgement shouldn’t be what rules us.  You want a cold one?  Go for it.  When you feel like you need more than that every night because you can’t seem to enjoy anything without it, definitely get help.  Moderation is key.  Remember, you have to be “on” in case those little buggers wake up in the middle of the night needing you.  You might need to be coherent.


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