Mom, can we get a dog???

When I was little, my sisters and I would beg our parents for pets.  Whatever the pet, we didn’t care.  We would have loved a dog, but my parents nixed that and cats along with it.  After we nagged and pleaded, my parents decided on a turtle.  It was small, easy to take care of and so there, we’d have our pet.  Wrong decision.  Turtles live up until 50 years old.  Take that, parental units.  (My sister took the turtle with her when she moved down south with her husband.  It’s still alive, and it’s 30 years old!)

I decided at an early age I loved cats.  Their independence, their ability to love you unconditionally, and just overall cuteness.  My big plan was to get one as soon as I moved out of my house.  The problem with it: my husband is allergic.  I tried to convince him that we could get one of those hypoallergenic cats, but with their price tag, he wasn’t going for it.  He asked me if I would go for a dog ever.  Nope.  Not a chance in hell.

It’s not that I don’t like dogs, believe me.  We had a dog who lived next door to us growing up who was like a person.  We’d always take care of him when his owners would go away, and he was an amazing creature.  And of course, my sisters and I would always beg for one.  It’s the responsibility that comes with it.  I know as kids we say, “I’ll take care of it!  I promise!” But then, I see a friend of mine walking his daughters’ dog Luna as I take a walk down the street.  Why aren’t his girls, who are old enough, helping him?  This is what happens.  We are promised that we’ll have help, but as the moms, we know better.

For the longest time, my sister said the same thing I did.  No way, no how.  She knew she was going to take care of the dog.  But, a few months ago, they got one.  And I have never seen her happier.  Let me clarify:  her boys are school age, she works part time, and realized she didn’t want any more kids.  Enter the puppy.  Her “baby”.  Pictures are texted to us, we hear about his growth and how cute he is.  No, I’m not annoyed.  I am just surprised.  The woman who swore she would NEVER, did.  And she’s super happy walking him, playing with him, feeding him.  Maybe people can change.  Until then, I stick to my guns on the “no pet” front.  I don’t want to add another task on my to do list.  Because I can barely keep it up as it is.


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