A Mother’s Day for the Ages

When my husband asked me “What do you want for Mother’s Day?” I knew he didn’t mean any material things.  (We are sort of over the gift-giving piece of Valentine’s day, Mother’s day etc.  We’d rather go out and have a night out and spend our money on that instead of gift give.)  So when I responded “nothing”, I truly meant it.

I mean, I told him if he could make me a nice breakfast and mimosas, I meant that, too.  But nothing was on my agenda.  I didn’t want to wipe any asses, split up any fights, make any food, nothing.  I wanted to be a blob with my mimosa and waste away for the day.  I truly wanted to do nothing.

He totally got it.  He originally had yard work planned, and he immediately put that aside when he realized it was Mother’s Day.  He had forgotten about it, but he felt terrible and I didn’t fault him for forgetting because we have so much going on right now.  In his defense, I have forgotten about my eldest’s “circle share” and both kids’ teacher appreciation breakfast.  In any event, he understood fully that I wanted to do nothing.  Really and truly nothing.  But is that even possible as a mom?  Already today I have split up dozens of fights, wiped a tush, and ran a cleaning load in the washing machine.  I just can’t stop being a mom. Ever.

Not that I think this is bad; I truly don’t.  Currently, my husband closed the door to the office so I could blog this and took the kids downstairs to make them lunch.  When the kids asked, “where’s mommy?” he replied, “she needs a break.”  I guess that’s all we moms really want, right?  A break in the action, responsibility, cleaning requirements, fight-breaker-upper.  Even if we do end up doing any of the above on Mother’s Day, having a short break is all we want.

So enjoy your day, to all of the mothers out there.  Enjoy your mimosas while you sit on your ass and do nothing.  Because somehow you are always needed.  And that’s what makes motherhood unlike anything else in the world. ❤


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