When it’s safe to say you should be done.

As I was lazily drinking my coffee after getting up at 5:15 on a holiday with my kids, I saw a segment on the Today show that gave me pause.  I mean, I literally told my 4 year old to be quiet as I raised the volume to hear above my 2 year old.  It was the most recent “world record” type stories about a 65 year old woman who had just given birth to quadruplets.  I just about shot hot coffee out of my nose.  Seriously?

During all of the Duggar “18 Kids and Counting” bullshit, I didn’t follow any of it.  Because I literally thought it was bullshit.  What woman, in their right mind, would want to reproduce THAT many times?!?!  I can’t even decide if I want a third child, for christsakes.  On the show, they portray themselves as the loving, big family they want everyone to believe they are.  And everyone helps out.  Apparently.  But what truly happens behind the scenes, when the cameras are off?  I bet there are at least 4 or 5 kids always crying, 2 others pooping on the floor, vomit covering everything, and all they must do is cook round the clock for their brood, alternating between that and doing laundry.  I already do at least three loads of laundry a weekend, and sporadically throughout the week; and I only do my own laundry and my kids’, not my husband’s.  Their military-esque lifestyle on-screen looks about as fun as a root canal.  No thanks.

Even when Jon and Kate (now just Kate) plus 8 was huge, I was off that excitement.  I hated her haircut, but I hated more than that was how matter of fact she was about everything.  Like she automatically knew what to do with 6 kids of the same age and 2 older ones.  Once you have ONE set of twins, wouldn’t you think you should give up?  A woman at my work had a similar situation.  They had one little girl, and when she turned about 2, they decided to try for another.  Well, another became twins.  And then, when she was still breastfeeding the twins, she became pregnant with ANOTHER set of twins.  All I could think when I heard her story was, “God help you.”

When is it time to call it quits on having kids?  Obviously this 65 year old mother/grandmother didn’t think she was done yet.  And the doctors on the Today show were all up in arms and saying how amazing the babies were doing, all about 1 pound each because she had to deliver so early.  Yes, the babies are good, but how the hell is the mother holding up?  Was she in her right mind when decided to try for more kids?  Did she think, ‘hey, I still can get my period, that MUST mean I should have more kids’?  Whatever her thought process was, I couldn’t get over it.  All I could think was why, why, WHY?!?!?!

Believe me, I am not saying that anyone should give up by the age of 40 if they had their hearts set on a child or just “one more”.  But once you have 13 or more children, and several grandchildren, I think its safe to say you are done.  Whether it was for celebrity or infamy, I think she achieved both.  Sorry, sucka, you have 4 more (precious) mouths to feed.


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