Swings are no longer my friend.

We took the kids to the park today, to get out of the house and away from yard work and the kids from killing each other.  While there, my 4 year old begged for me to join them on the see-saw.  After riding for less than 2 minutes, I felt sick.  Not a little queasy, but genuinely and full out vomit on the ground sick.  Why?  I used to be able to eat anything in sight, ride on a huge upside down roller coaster, and not feel any different (or ready to hurl).  Why would a see saw (or swing) do that to me after just two minutes?  What has changed?

When I was younger, I did have random issues with motion sickness.  I can still remember a trip we took home after visiting family in Buffalo, NY and it was an excruciating 8 hour car ride in the WAY back of my mom’s suburban.  I had felt sick all day, even before we left, so in my defense, I truly think I had a bug or something.  Anyway, I made it almost the ENTIRE 8 hours, gulping air and calming myself down before I felt it come.  “Grab the Kleenex box!” my mom yelled, as I hit it just in time.  (Many jokes about Kleenex after that ensued.)  But honestly, I didn’t really have issues with that before that trip.  Maybe once or twice, but provided I stayed in the front seat, I was usually ok.  But now, I can’t even join my 4 year old on the see saw or try swinging on our new swing without feeling like I am gonna hurl chunks everywhere.  What sucks the most is that I really want to enjoy playsets with my kids, truly.  I am not one of those moms who refuses to join their kids when playing because I have to check my phone 8000 times or because I don’t want to mess my newly done blowout or my chic yoga pants.  I like being a part of their imaginative games.  But with this feeling like I am gonna hurl issue looming every time I go to get on a mobile toy, I usually pass or swallow it down before hopping off and trying to engage them in other ways.

In speaking with other mothers, I realized I am not the only one that this happens to.  One mother told me that she read it somewhere that a mom’s equilibrium changes after pregnancy and birth, and she feels the same way about swings.  It made me feel better about it, but it didn’t offer a solution.  I mean, don’t moms have enough problems?  Not only do we want to vomit for the first three months of pregnancy and have to hide it because we don’t want anyone to KNOW we’re pregnant, but we also feel the after effects when we try to play with our kids or even enjoy a swing like we did when we were kids.  (In addition to that, my vitamin sometimes makes me feel sick if I don’t take it with food.  Never had THAT problem before either.)

Since we moved, we now have a swingset that our kids use daily with the nice weather.  I’d like to enjoy it with them.  Or even on my own, reminiscing about my own childhood freedom and feeling like I am flying through the air.  Until I can curb this hurling-feeling, I doubt I will be able to enjoy it anymore than my first three months of pregnancy, where only fruity flavored gum would keep me from projectile vomiting on my coworkers.


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