The Soundtrack of Life

The other day, I heard my eldest making up a song about random things.  Literally.  Like things that they saw around them, things their sibling was doing, even what they were doing as they walked around (“I’m singing a song…”).  Shocked?  I wasn’t.  I play music more than have the t.v. on, and I love … More The Soundtrack of Life

The Great Negotiator

“Mommy, I don’t like this…” my youngest tells me, as they spit out the last half-eaten carrot on their plate.  I don’t know what bothers me more: that they already ate the other four carrots on their plate, doused in ranch or that they suddenly decided they don’t like it.  Really?  I used to think, … More The Great Negotiator

Oh, shit!

My cuckoo beans.  Yup, my kids.  I had to come up with something I could call them without feeling bad about it.  Read: something I knew meant more than it sounded and in my own mind, could be derogatory if I was feeling a little annoyed yet silly sounding to everyone else.  In listening to … More Oh, shit!