The Magic of the Wipe

They can do anything.  Yes, they wipe poopy asses.  Besides that, they do so much more.  I learned this firsthand while I was pregnant with my first child.  I was holding my nephew and he projectile vomited all over me.  Not knowing I would need a change of clothes on my visit, my sister handed me a baby wipe and said, “it works, I promise”.  Sure enough, just about all of the vomit was gone.  I mean, I still had a wet spot, but the vomit was gone and I now smelled great instead of stale/curdled milk.  Wow.  I was amazed.  What else could they do?  And why the hell didn’t I know about this BEFORE kids?!?!

We keep wipes everywhere.  A pack in the car glove box.  A pack on the dining room table.  A pack in own bathroom.  Yep.  When I had given birth and was told NOT to use toilet paper, I was at a loss.  My nether regions were sore, I had to clean myself somehow, and the bath-thingy they sent me home with wasn’t working.  My sister (not the same one who handed me the wipe) suggested using a baby wipe.  It was soft, hypoallergenic, and believe me, it was helpful.  I use wipe for cleaning my kids hands in a pinch, wiping faces when we are on the go, and I have been known to hand them to non-parental types who have a spill that they are worried will become a set-in stain.  They can be used for EVERYTHING!

I have no idea what is found as the cleaning agent in baby wipes.  I looked them up, but I can’t pronounce ONE of them.  Regardless, as long as they are safe (which they appear to be, according to the explanations of the cleansers) and effective (just take a look at any of the my clothing I wore from baby #1’s arrival until now), then I will keep using them.  I do wish I had known about them before kids.  I would’ve saved myself so much time and money with bringing my clothes to a laundromat.


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