Why, mommy?

But, why mommy?  Why do you have that?  What are you eating?  Why do I have to do that?  Can I get this?  Can I eat this?  How many?  What does that mean?  What did you say?  WHY!?!?!

The infinite questions that kids are asking constantly.  Enough to drive you to drink (if you haven’t already).  It starts off innocently enough, but then escalates until you run out of answers or excuses or reasons and then you get annoyed and sigh (or shout), “why do you ask so many questions?!?!”  I know at one point with my eldest, I started answering their questions with questions of my own.  I tried to turn it back on them.  They would smile, and giggle, and ask again.  When they didn’t get an answer, they soon gave up.  So that didn’t work for long.  Then, I stopped answering their questions, simply responding, “you know the answer to that.  Figure it out.”  That has been working so far.

Most of the time, it’s the repeat questions.  You know the ones, where they get an answer and you go on with your business for about a half a minute to then get another question about it, and you say, wait a minute.  You already asked that, you little booger.  So you stop yourself, and wonder, can I get away with ignoring them?  Do I have to answer?  Will they be relentless until you want to pull your hair out and shout, “no, mommy doesn’t know WHY the sky is blue, it just IS!”  I usually end up with this, but sometimes I can be smarter than they are.  Sometimes.

At times, my husband and I simply say, “because I said so.”  That works for both kids often enough.  I mean, the question of “why do I have to eat my carrots” doesn’t need more than that.  Because I said so.  But when it gets deep, what then?  I can’t explain away why the fishy went to heaven (or even, what heaven is) so what do we do then?  Are the questions no longer cute questions but frustrating, annoying, really-did-you-just-ask-me-another-freakin’-question question?  I mean, how much can a mommy take without being ready to burst?

I have definitely gotten creative with my answers.  Why can’t you have chocolate?  Because it will make your belly sick (and it’s mommy’s chocolate, so back off).  Where did the fish go?  Oh, he had to go see him mom and dad, they missed him.  But that all ended when my eldest started asking about where Elvis went, trying to explain where/what heaven was, well, that was just too much (I saved those sorts of things for another post).  I stumbled, fell and just laid there.  I ignored.  Maybe when they are older I will tackle that.  Or just say, “go ask daddy.”


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