Downtime Saturday

Do you laugh as hard as I do at the title of this post?  Yep, we’d like to think that we have true downtime because we don’t have 1001 things planned, so we can “relax” at home.  In actuality, there are 1001 things to be done at home, so we know our “relaxation” time isn’t … More Downtime Saturday


What’s normal with what your kid does and obsesses about?  A favorite toy or food, that’s one thing.  But what about the kid who just has to wear a sweatshirt all the time (especially in summer)?  What then?  Do you play into it or try to break them of the habit? My youngest is in … More Obsessions?

Potty trained

With one potty-trained, and one trying out the potty here and there, I feel like I am usually visiting the potty, praising for it, or cleaning it.  Potty-checks, we call them, and both kids do it before their baths.  Getting out of diapers is a dream, but with what non-monetary price? I have learned where … More Potty trained

The Enabler

In our last ditch effort to enjoy the few remaining days of summer, we were at the beach recently.  My eldest wanted to go and get water, and I was getting sick of going back and forth to the water for both of my kids to simply pour out the water and request more (in … More The Enabler