Potty trained

With one potty-trained, and one trying out the potty here and there, I feel like I am usually visiting the potty, praising for it, or cleaning it.  Potty-checks, we call them, and both kids do it before their baths.  Getting out of diapers is a dream, but with what non-monetary price?

I have learned where to find a potty anywhere.  And how to encourage my eldest to “just wait one more minute and we’ll be there”.  I have also done loads of laundry because of accidents.  And cleaned up pee from anywhere you could imagine because my eldest waited too long.  The best part, however, was literally one day at the age of 3, my eldest looked at me and said, “Mommy?  I want to wear underwear today.”  And they haven’t looked back.  Yes, there were LOTS of accidents, lots of practice making it to the potty on time, and need to pull-ups during nap and bed time.

The worst part about potty training?  I can’t decide.  What has been most frustrating recently is that my youngest goes back and forth between doing really great with the potty (chocolate rewards helps) and then taking a huge steamer in their pull up.  Frustrated?  Yes.  I know it seems easier to just let them go in their pull ups than trying to find a bathroom in the middle of nowhere (I found a porta pottie that my eldest took a poop in that I wanted to bathe everyone for hours afterward, yeech), but then it definitely feels like two steps forward, three steps back.

Don’t even get me started on the ass-wiping either.  My eldest has been better about it, but when they are super busy or want to get back to playing ASAP, I have often had to throw out underwear or clean up their tush for them.  I want them to be independent and do things for themselves, but I never know at what point to step in and help out.  Again, it’s almost like you get only so far with their independence in hygiene and then BAM, you are right back where you started, hearing your toddler scream for you at a party through an open bathroom door (privacy?) “mom?  can you come wipe my TUSH?!?!”

Once you have everyone in the house potty trained, and then you want to have another, you are back at square one: diapers.  Wiping tushies, doing LOTS of laundry due to blowouts, and sniffing bottoms to see if there is a need for a diaper change.  Regardless, you can think you have everything going in the right direction for your potty trained child, even as close as buying new underwear to get them excited about it, and then you are elbow deep in stinky poo.  Definitely NOT a joy of parenting.


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