I’m done parenting today.

This was the exact thought as my two children were crying and fighting over something stupid, and my husband lay idle while the tv blared football.  It had been happening all day.  Yes, I get it, there is football on Sundays.  Yes, I understand we have “Red Zone” which is the ADHD equivalent to fantasy football people.  But does it mean you have to let me do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to disciplining our kids all day?  I mean, they were literally in front of the tv in his line of vision, and still, I had to be the one to say “cut it out” because they were at each other’s throats.  Amazing.

Why does this always happen?  Why is it that women have that innate sense of what needs to be done, while men haven’t a clue?  There have been times when either of our kids are sick, and my husband still asks me what to do.  I try to stand back, let him decide, unless I feel like it is a drastically terrible decision (you want to give them HOW much Tylenol?!?!), so that he starts to do it for himself.

What about when it comes time for his own needs?  Have you ever been in the situation when your husband is sick, and can’t seem to find where HE put the advil/gas x/claritin from the last time HE used it?  And when you say, I don’t know, not because you are annoyed at the fact that he can’t open the linen closet to look but that you legit don’t know, he gets frustrated and acts helpless.  Do you have more than your two kids to care for?

So while I sit here typing, I realize I could be getting up to help my eldest find the toy they just HAVE to have, or that they peed in their underwear again, but I just can’t.  I am going to stay rooted to my spot, and let my husband deal with whatever issues there are.  I will not be the first to get up to start the bath, or get my eldest new pants because they are standing in the bathroom, crying over their pee-filled ones.  I will not let my youngest get super close to me, because I just “need space” as both of my kids remind me all the time.  And I will not chastise my husband for watching the football network, while having his laptop open to his fantasy team, but dozing off all the same.  I am done parenting today.


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