I have the kid who gets sick on the weekend.

I know we all hate the phone call at work when our kid is sick and has to be picked up immediately.  I still remember the time that my eldest was acting off one morning, and within 20 minutes of my husband dropping them off, projectile vomited at school and had to be picked up.  Oops.  But what about the kid who gets sick mostly on the weekends?  What’s up with that?

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely positives to this.  But when you think about it, there are plenty of negatives, too.

Positives include:

  1. Not having to take a work sick day.  Unless of course they get sick on a Sunday, and then you have the guessing game as to what to do with them the next day.  Do you send them and hope they are ok?  Or do you call in sick as your just-in-case?
  2. You can get out of things that you wouldn’t necessarily want to do.  For instance, there’s that birthday party you dreaded taking your kid to, so now you have a reason to avoid making small talk with those parents who never seem to remember your name (or vise versa).
  3. You have an excuse to lay around in your pj’s all day on the weekend.  And disregard housework.  Why put on nice clothes (or clothes at all?) if you would just get vomited on?  And why do housework when you might have to re-do it for the same reason??
  4. You can avoid doing work-work because you don’t want to leave your sickie alone.  Just in case they decide to use the couch for their toilet.


  1. You have to cancel your date night that you had planned for at least a month.  Bummer.  You have no idea when you’ll be able to reschedule because your work schedules are so busy and with rec soccer and kid’s birthday parties, forget having any alone time.
  2. You can’t just get out and have family time.  We had planned to get lunch out (after we all salivated yesterday over a Travel channel show on pizza), and we couldn’t because of our sick child.
  3. Because you are stuck in said, sick, house together, you just know it’s a matter of time before someone else gets sick. Sometimes it does seem to (oddly) work in your favor, that you are all exposed so you might have built up immunity to this virus.  Other times, it’s just laying in wait to mess up another time period for you.  You can’t keep your youngest away from your oldest, and they just snuck some Cheerios while you weren’t paying attention; from your sickie’s snack cup.  Awesome.
  4. It feels like work even when you aren’t working.  You may not have actual work to do, but the amount of cleaning up, making bland foods, or even just sitting idly by while your child moans and groans and tries to stop themselves from vomiting is enough to make you feel exhausted, and yet, wishing for the work week to come.

I love the cuddling you get from your kid, provided they don’t vomit on you.  They are vulnerable, and very sweet, and will agree to just about anything when they don’t feel good.  So I guess if my kid gets sick on the weekend, so be it.  Housework can wait, and I didn’t want to go to the grocery store anyway.  And forget trying to work out, I don’t need an excuse like this to prevent me from doing it.  Now if I can just endure the moaning and groaning, we’ll have ourselves a nice little weekend.  Minus the puke.


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