Thanksgiving is my favorite now.

I always thought it was Christmas.  Honestly, I loved the idea of gift-giving, spending time with family.  Heck, I even liked the idea of snow and cuddling together by a warm fire.  But as I have grown older, it’s gotten complicated.

One year, it was where were my sisters, their families, and my parents were all going to sleep at my parent’s two bedroom condo.  They had gotten the basement finished, but it still wasn’t enough room for all of the kids, adults, babies.  It was in short, a shit show.  Another holiday, it was the fact that my eldest (almost 2 at the time) had been exposed to but did not have (I DID take them to the doctor’s and the doc assured me that they didn’t have it), but there was a kerfluffle about whether or not my child could be exposed to the other nieces (just born) and nephews.  Sigh.  Then there are the travelling Christmases, when we go to my husband’s family’s place, which is a challenge because of the 1) travel time, 2) packing up Christmas gifts, and 3) schedules of a bunch more families.  Double sigh.

So this Thanksgiving, I decided just how much I love this holiday.  Most times, the Wednesday before is a really easy work day for everyone.  My husband worked from home and I had a half day, and we went to lunch while the kids played happily at school.  Thursday late morning, we left for my grandmother’s place to spend the dinner time there.  Then, we travelled back home (don’t worry, it’s not far) so we could sleep in our own beds.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday have been spent catching up on things around the house, spending time with friends, and setting up the outside for Christmas.  But there hasn’t been any sleeping arrangement issues.  There isn’t any urgency to be anywhere at any particular time or worrying about forgetting a Christmas gift for someone (the worst I forgot was the kids’ school pictures to give to my extended family and I can mail those in our Christmas cards, which I also got ordered by the way).  There is a LOT of down time available, and just enjoying each other’s company.

Yes, Thanksgiving is my new favorite.  Unfortunately, it’s over now, but I can relish in the fact that I love it.  I won’t necessarily dread the other holidays per se, but I know it won’t compare to the mostly stress-free food/family fest that I just had.


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