Resolutions? What resolutions?

Years ago, I truly believed that I had to have a resolution for the new Year.  I’d hem and haw, and adjust, and fix, and think and analyze.  Would I truly be able to lose 10 pounds for the summer?  Would I actually go to the gym??  Those were the typical resolutions for everyone.  So the influx at the gym and the natural foods aisles were epic.  And yes, I, along with about 18430238 other people, lost the drive about two weeks in.  So, I essentially gave up.

I don’t regret not coming up with new Year’s resolutions.  I don’t feel like I am a quitter.  I just know not to set such high expectations that I will end up feeling terrible when I don’t achieve them.  I would get so caught up in the fact that I wasn’t achieving my goal, that I forgot to even enjoy the idea of a beautiful new Year with new hope that welcomed me.  Why beat myself up over it?  I am realist I guess, and no one will really change that for me.

The one piece of advice that sticks with me for new Years is this: spend the evening before or the day of with someone you truly care about.  This will be how you spend your new Year: with those people.  We often spend it with my sister and her family, and it’s true.  We almost always spend the rest of the year between our two houses, at dinners, swimming in our pool, going apple picking and wine tasting, and it’s amazing every year.  This little bit of advice is the best I have ever received, because it means that I am happiest when I am spending time with people I love, not what I can or can’t achieve.  I can watch what I eat, work out/walk, watch my trucker mouth whenever.  It doesn’t have to coincide with the new Year, when my goals feel super unattainable.

So yes, I am a person who has stopped making new Year’s resolutions.  And I am damn proud of it.  I am going to eat when and what I want, sit on my ass in front of the tv and sweat to my fucking heart’s content.  And love every second of it.


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