“Aw, that’s so cute!”

I found myself saying this to my youngest as they made silly faces to me at the dinner table.  Backfired.  They proceeded to continue doing that until they got out of control, and then I couldn’t rein them in again.  Dinner resulted in a time out from crying, after me telling them no multiple times, and then no treat because of the time out.  Sigh.  How can something that seems so silly and small become such a HUGE deal?

My husband does it all the time.  He will rough house with the kids, rolling them around on the floor until they are shouting and screaming with laughter, and then someone gets hurt and all fun is lost.  (Ok, I admit, I do it, too, it’s just easier to blame him.)  They are doing something adorable (my eldest is dancing and moving around, singing, “I’m shaking my tush-ie, tush-ie”) and then it gets weird.  Or out of control.  It’s a fine line between having fun, saying it’s cute before it gets out of control and you can’t stop it.  And the kids end up getting confused.  Why was it that you were smiling and laughing a little bit ago and suddenly, your face changes to solemn, angry, and annoyed?  What mixed messages are we sending our children?

I can’t help it.  My kids are cute.  I might just be saying it because they are MY kids, but they do cute things all the time and I can’t help but laugh.  I’ve tried to be better about when to cut them off of their cute but borderline creepy/weird stuff, but sometimes it’s hard to do so.  When my youngest touches my boob and says, “what’s this?” I giggle.  I can’t promise they won’t do that at school, so sorry, to their teachers.  And my eldest “shaking my tush-ie” is just too cute to stop.  The fine line between cute and weird may never be drawn in this house.  Oh well.  I guess everyone will just have to deal.



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