I’m not apologizing for the leftover birthday party I just threw.

Yep, it was for number 2.  Do I feel bad?  Not really.  At first I did, because I had to dig in the basement for decorations, and I asked my sister for her leftover decorations from my niece’s party (thank GOD she’s into Paw Patrol, too!) and I found some Mickey Mouse hats and napkins in the basement.  My husband and I got them one gift, not because we were late with everything, but to be honest, with a birthday so close to Christmas, we know our kids will always get so much crap that we don’t want to add to it.  We seriously have a “toy closet” in the basement, that I arranged with toys we wanted to keep but they are too old for our kids to use at the time, toys we can re-gift, and toys we can donate or save for our next baby, if we have number 3.  It didn’t matter what we gave, because our kid TORE through their gifts so fast I don’t have a clue what everyone got, which ought to make thank you cards a trip.  Regardless of how it all went down, it’s over, and my kid is happy, so that’s all that matters, right?

My husband and I know we don’t have much longer to enjoy an easy birthday party at home with mostly family.  Our eldest is already asking to have their party at a place where you can jump around on trampolines and invite all of their friends from school.  I guess we should, considering it will be their fifth birthday.  We can’t deny anymore that the school birthdays are upon us.  I actually thought we’d have to do it for our youngest this year, but we squeaked by with one more.  And it was a leftover one.

So I will continue reusing any leftover pieces of party stuff we have.  We spent the money on it, why should it go to waste?  We’ll always get a themed cake and maybe some other parts here and there (candles we can’t always reuse), but otherwise, why stress about it?  Especially if we are going to do a small family party on top of it.  I know it will get more difficult as time goes on and my kids get older, but I plan to enjoy what I can while I can.  Whatever can make my life as stress free as possible.



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