I know where childhood obesity starts…

I see lots of evidence for it.  Facebook posts of people with their kids, out to dinner, eating lots of sweets, whatever.  And they wonder why their kids are big (yes, I am going to say that instead of the more obscene obese word).

I don’t know if they actually care, to be honest.  I don’t care, as long as my kids aren’t gorging on sweets.  My youngest is known for their affinity for chips, but the only time people see them freaking out over them is when we are at a party.  This means, they don’t have chips often, so my youngest is constantly asking for them.  We were just at a party, and the host came down to my youngest’s level with a huge bowl of chips. “I knew they would like them!” the host said.  Um, yeah, because we don’t have them, like ever, so of course when they are around it, they are going to beg and get super excited for them.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m no Mother Teresa when it comes to good eating.  I do make my kids eat fruits and veggies when I can, but I was definitely chided by my eldest’s teacher for giving them too many grains which meant they were getting tired after eating (we were having a nap debate, which is a whole other issue).  Regardless, I don’t expect much of my kids, but I don’t send them with Oreos.  My eldest asked why their friend at school didn’t have their snack at school: I knew it was because it was a “bad” snack (Oreos) to eat so the teacher saved it for the mom to deal with.  I hype up carrots and ranch and make apples seem appetizing.  But I also give M and M’s for potty training (it worked with both kids) and dangle Pirate Booty over their heads if they eat a good meal.  And their teachers know I really don’t care if they eat anything that’s in their lunch box at any time because I pack it and don’t discriminate.  Pirate Booty or Nilla wafers for a morning snack?  Why not?  They ate a great breakfast and I packed healthy stuff for lunch.

I don’t have high standards for my kid’s eating.  I don’t feel bad if they don’t get a well balanced meal by a nutritionist’s standards.  I don’t worry if they’ve eaten enough food because they tell me when they are done, and I did start making my eldest wait because they have been inhaling their food (most times, they figure out they are done).  We don’t eat out a lot, and I don’t buy a lot of junk.  I’m not perfect, but I’ll be damned if I contribute to the childhood obesity problem out there.  And if my youngest wants chips at a party, I’ll give them as many as they want.  Because I know it’s not all the time, and I don’t need to excuse it.


2 thoughts on “I know where childhood obesity starts…

  1. I try and make sure max gets a good balanced diet without to much crap. But I don’t restrict him having sugar it just makes kids want it more if you do that. I’m quite lucky max is a fruit fiend.


    1. I agree. We don’t usually have sweets/snack foods in the house so my husband and I will have it easier to steer clear of them. It does make it seem like we don’t ever give sweets, which isn’t true, when we go to a party or otherwise…


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