Mommy’s trip

As I was rounding up my last bits of bathing suit for my trip last night, I wondered how my husband would fare with two small kids, his work, and just survival in general. Would he? Normally, I would care more about how things would go. Would he remember to bathe them? Would he make sure to give them enough snacks? This time? I was getting the fuck out.

Sure, I know I will think about their welfare at some point whole on the beach, sipping a frozen tropical drink. I think about them no matter what. I’m a mom for gods sake. But I don’t think I will worry as much. I will, however, think about how much my husband will appreciate me while I’m gone. This will be the longest time he will be without me to help ever. 

Sure, I’ve been gone on weekends before. I’ve left him to deal with snippets of time on his own. But this time I am gone for six days, with four of those being work days (haven’t done that before). He will do drop off, pick up, dinner, bath, bed and his own work as well as keep the house clean and try to maintain his well being. It will be a good test. 

The best part is, my in laws kept asking if he wanted help. He said no numerous times (which surprised me big time). He has things to keep them all busy, and with them at school he should be ok. Do I wish that something will be crazy for him? No. I just want him to see what happens to me on a day to day basis, appreciate me more, and keep our kids alive. Not too much to ask when you are far away on a beach. I’ll let you know how I fare!


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