Another vacation sans kids- unheard of!

So it’s been a little over a month since my mommy’s trip away. (It was amazing, by the way, with lots of laughs, sun, and a little needed after recovery for my liver!) I felt recharged, ready to battle whatever, and was able to successfully go through these last few weeks without much frustration. And now, I am on my way to another trip away (albeit with my husband this time) without kids. Not really sure what to do with myself…

It’s funny. For the longest time, I feel like there are droughts of everything: lack of sex, easy bedtimes, and easy days at work. And then BAM, the rain pours down and everything aligns just perfectly. You get that promotion, your kids listen perfectly (Hahahaha), and husband finds you sexy 24/7, even when you are in sweats and haven’t showered for a few days. 

For this trip, my in laws have the kids and we are staying for free at their vacation house. We have no specific plans, and can’t wait to sleep in (doesn’t every parent dream of that?!?)  Regardless of what we decide to do, it’s a few days without responsibility, little ones getting in our faces at ungodly hours, and as much peace and quiet as we can handle. And this (un)beaten mommy is perfectly fine with that.


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