How did they NOT know they were pregnant?!?

Good bad TV.  Or bad good TV.  However you call it, we definitely get sucked in.  I had a few hours while I waited for some work stuff to happen, so I got sucked into TLC’s “I didn’t know I was pregnant”.  Yes.  Have you ever seen it?  It’s a ridiculous show that takes you through the stories of women who had no clue they were pregnant until they were giving birth in the bathroom of an amusement park or at the ER and getting an ultrasound after a blood test revealed they were pregnant.  The shock on their faces is priceless.  But that leads me to the title of this post:  how the HELL did they NOT know they were pregnant?!?!?!

There are so many signs, symptoms, suggestions that lead us to believe we could be.  Yes, I have been made more hyper-aware of these situations when we were trying to get pregnant, but then of course, when we weren’t trying, I suddenly realized, I had to be (I’m not trying to sound cliché, it’s what happened.)  It might have been the fact that my boobs were killing me, and getting bigger.  It might be the fact that my legs were sore, and they usually don’t get sore when I am getting my period.  Or maybe it’s the fact that my sense of smell is so ridiculously acute that my husband swears I can smell a fart even BEFORE it happens.  It could also be the fact that my morning sickness isn’t really just morning, it’s all fucking day long.  Even though I am on number three, I completely forgot just how crazy it can be.  I can feel like I am going to vomit profusely one second, and then the next, eat some pizza and be all good.  Take your worst hangover from college.  You know, the ones that your head hurts, you can’t stomach food, and all you want to do is throw up/eat/sleep/be a blob on the couch all day long.  And the exhaustion is literally crippling.  I honestly feel like I could sleep all day, all night, and I still am exhausted.  My kids have been great entertaining themselves until the miracle of the second trimester which will hopefully change all of this.  I mean, to be honest, how can you NOT know you are pregnant with things like that?!?!?!

Okay, okay.  So it’s bad TV.  I can’t fault them for what they do not realize is completely and utterly ridiculous.  Come on, one woman was pregnant with TWINS and didn’t know it.  After talking with a friend who recently gave birth to twins, her response:  “Oh HELL no”.  Maybe I’m bitter because I am in the throws of the miserable first trimester with the always going to vomit feeling, hormone jumps, and utter exhaustion (over doing absolutely NOTHING, I might add).  In any case, I will never be able to understand why these women wouldn’t have one inkling they have a growing, kicking parasite inside of them until they give birth.  (And how is it that even though they drink, smoke, do bad stuff to their bodies, their kids ALWAYS turn out completely 100% fine while I am working my ass off to make sure I steer clear of deli meat, alcohol, and taking my prenatal daily??)  I guess I need to switch my bad tv watching to something less ridiculous.  Will & Grace reruns?



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