Biting the ‘burb bullet

Ok, so I was that person who claimed they would never be a “mini van mom”.  Ever.  I swore up and down I’d have an SUV, no matter how many kids I’d have.  They have third row seats, right?  It can accommodate bigger families.  We could do it.  I even had it in my head that at some point down the line I’d have a Mercedes M Class.  That was my epitome of making it.

Flash forward a few years to yesterday, when we were going to check out a mini van.  Sigh.  I had finally resigned myself to it because I realized that having an SUV with three kids wasn’t super practical.  A friend of mine has one, and with her three, she said it’s just “ok” not great.  I couldn’t afford what I really wanted, and the quality of what I could get wasn’t anywhere near what I would want to drive my kids around in.  So I bit the ‘burb bullet, and bought a mini van.

It shouldn’t bother me much.  I learned how to drive in my mom’s Suburban, which was huge and difficult to manage.  Parking that thing was a bitch.  But it was a way to get around, and my mom didn’t mind me taking it as long as she had a ride to work and it was home when she needed it.  So I was able to use it at night to hang with my friends and cruise for boys.  Believe me, you got over the fact that it was huge and it was bright blue if you had wheels.

I am now officially a mini van mom.  Partly because my car was on it’s last legs we couldn’t really wait, and the other part was me resigning to the fact that it did drive nice.  I’ll get over my SUV dream for now with hopes that someday down the road, I can relive it again.  Until then, look for me cruising around in my mini van in the ‘burbs.


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