To announce or not

Ok.  So a friend of mine asked me last night when I would announce my pregnancy on Facebook.  I responded, I don’t think I am.  We didn’t for our other two.  My husband is very big on leaving it up to the people who we are in close contact with aren’t just Facebook friends so they know when it’s important.  But it is a good question:  do you announce on Facebook or not?

I don’t want to offend anyone, believe me.  If you are the type who wants to announce on Facebook (or any other social media source), go for it.  Maybe that’s the best (and quickest) way to reach the largest audience for people.  Plus, I do like to see the cute, creative ways that people announce it.

I also know that I have friends who have announced their pregnancy via a holiday card, including an ultrasound or a “new family member to join us in the coming year”.  Cute, yes.  Overkill, no.  Just not for me.

Maybe my husband and I are superstitious, but neither of us can admit it.  I am always worried that something bad could happen or go wrong.  We waited until I was past the three month mark to even tell our families about this one to just make sure everything was alright up until that point.  Maybe we are old fashioned or something.  We like to tell people in person if possible, and we still send out birthday invites as paper invites (although I finally convinced him to send an Evite for my daughter’s last birthday because neither one of us had time to do the legwork on paper versions).

So I think I will shy away from the whole social media announcement for now.  The people who need to know, already know.  I don’t feel as though I need someone from elementary school or a friend’s friend or my third cousin twice removed to congratulate me on Facebook about the baby’s impending arrival.  Again, just not my thing.  I will, however, continue to congratulate those of you on Facebook who do announce, because it might be your thing.  And to each his/her own.


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