Times I don’t agree with my kid’s school

Yes, we have all been there.  When our kids’ school or daycare says one thing and we disagree.  But this time, it was a little different.

I get a text from my husband that our youngest has to be picked up.  They had pink eye last week (yes, ugh, gross) and it had resolved itself (or so we thought).  The school said it had come back, he had to go after naptime, and he wasn’t allowed to come back to school the next day because of it.  So I leave work early, expected to find a goopy-eyed, swollen mess of a kid.  When I walked in, the eyes looked a little bloodshot, but nothing else.  Are you frickin’ kidding me? was my first thought.  I had made an appointment at the doctor to be sure, since we had this happen last week.  And I left wondering, really?  But we went to the doctor’s and I was expecting them to tell me, yes, it was in fact, pink eye, had to be treated, had to stay home, etc.  I had a student nurse and a nurse both tell me that they didn’t think it was pink eye AT ALL.  To be on the safe side, and considering we had treated it last week (most likely with expired meds, oops), they prescribed another round of meds as a precaution.  The nurse asked me if I wanted a note to say they could return to school.  I was immediately confused.  “Don’t they have to stay home for 24 hours while on meds?”  The nurse replied, “Yes.  Round one of meds before bed, round two in the morning before school.  That’s 24 hours.” and she handed me the note.

I left the appointment confused.  The nurse said my youngest was fine to return, but the school had said no.  Who do I believe?  I’m not sure if I am just hormonal or what due to being almost 8 months pregnant, but I was incredulous.  If the doctor’s office says no way, and agrees with the school, obviously I am going to follow that.  I don’t cut corners and I hate to be “that mom” who tries to.  I also would keep them home if it was obvious that something was really wrong, because of the same reason.  I’ve also had it the other way, where when my youngest had hand-foot-mouth the doctor said we had to wait until the sores had opened and healed before they returned, the school said, nope, they could come back as soon as spots emerged and fever was over because the contagion was already past.  (I didn’t agree then, either, but I didn’t have to take a day off and other than being a little whiny, my kid was fine, so we sent them.)  But this time was completely uncharted territory for me.

The good news was I had a day off, so did my eldest, and my husband was given the day off from work.  So we decided to keep my youngest home.  I would’ve liked to send them on principle, but at the end of the day, I like this daycare.  This is where my soon-to-be-born baby will attend and I want to stay in their good graces.  So I didn’t fly off the handle, I had my husband, who tends to be more even keeled in situations like this, write the email to school about our trip to the doctor’s and the fact we’d be keeping my youngest home.  I am still quite confused about the whole situation, but what’s done is done.  (And by the way, my youngest’s eyes look 100% fine today.  Just in case you were wondering.)


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