How much do you love kids?

The other day, I was at my holiday party.  The people there were all so sweet and asking how I was feeling, what we were planning on naming the baby, and saying how good I looked.  “You can barely tell from behind that you are even pregnant!”  “It looks like you swallowed a basketball-and that’s it!”  “I wish I looked half as good as you do while I was pregnant!”  Amongst all of these super sweet comments, I relished one in particular.  It is making my 9th month of pregnancy all that much more sweet.

“You must really love children,” the woman said to me.  I must’ve had a puzzled look on my face, because even though she may not have continued initially, she did now due to my face.  “You are continuing to have kids.  Most people, once they get their boy and their girl (which I have), just stop then.  They have what they wanted.  But you, you went for another.  You must really love children to do that.”  It definitely took my pregnancy brain a little of time to think it about it and process what she said.  But yes, I took it as a compliment.

I do love children.  My job involves children.  I am one of three children in my family, and one of 12 cousins in my extended family.  I love holding babies.  And to hear that I must love them so much because I didn’t give up after having my boy and girl, the “typical” and sought-after American family, made me realize just how much I do.

Pregnancy, increasing your family size, dealing with family dynamics can all be extremely difficult, stressful, uncomfortable, and downright suck.  To have someone say something nice to you, recognize you for what you are doing, can be the icing on the cake.  Ooooo.  Cake.  Vanilla or chocolate.  I’m going to go get a snack.


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