Finally, an answer

We have it figured out.  After breastfeeding for six weeks and several poop samples later, my youngest has been diagnosed with a milk and/or soy allergy.  They had a 50/50 shot at having it, and we knew it.  Our other two kiddos had it, and both my husband and I had milk allergies as babies. We didn’t figure it out quickly with our other two, and I was in denial with my first child.  They weren’t horrible babies – far from it.  But because we had to wait and see about their lab testing, I felt horrible for them.  It must’ve wreaked havoc on their insides, because they ended up with blood in their diapers (sorry for the TMI).  That’s what we had to wait for this time around, too, but it only took six weeks.  The other times, it took close to four months.

I knew that this time I wouldn’t be as upset about it.  I was actually hoping for it.  I knew from the beginning that I wasn’t going to change my diet or alter anything because I have three kids and trying to make sure I was dairy and/or soy free was just NOT going to happen.  And this time, I noticed more of the discomfort that our youngest was feeling.  It was so sad.  During the day was a challenge, because before, during and after feedings were wrought with screaming as we went steadily along.  Luckily, they slept good at night (at least recently) but I knew something was wrong.  Call it mother’s intuition, but I knew they had something wrong with their belly.  The doctor agreed with me based on the baby’s habits (not really spitting up or arching their backs which is indicative of gas issues), but we wouldn’t have the insurance coverage until we had proof: i.e. blood in the diaper.  It’s sad that we had to put the baby through that, but at least we now have an answer.

I still have a few weeks at home for maternity leave, which means we can do the transition onto formula before I go back.  This is key.  I can wean myself and be comfortable before I go back, get the baby on track so they are more comfortable and in a routine, and hopefully feel good about everything when I go back.  I have my six week check up with my OB this week, so we will see what she says there.  I also have a psychiatrist appointment to check my head.  I am actually surprised at how happy I am to not have to breastfeed anymore (well, as soon as we get the formula).  I thought I would be more upset about it.  This is my last child, and the few times while breastfeeding can be nice, especially in the middle of the night for comfort.  It’s nice to be needed and feel needed, because the baby wants mommy; even if I am associated with food.  Maybe it’s because during the day has been a challenge and ladled with screaming, that I can move on easier.  I don’t have to worry about what I eat (or drink).  And my kid will hopefully be happier.


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