A true mom moment

I figured out one of the primary reasons why women shouldn’t be ALLOWED to go to back to work too early after giving birth.  Not only are we exhausted, but our brains are not working well beyond the care of our child.

Case en point.  I decide to go to Costco on my way to a friend’s house yesterday.  I get ready to leave (I even had time to shower!) and be there just as soon as the doors open at 10 am.  I go in, take care of my shopping list, and the baby is great throughout; I am out in less than 20 minutes.

On my way back to the car, I look around the parking lot.  Wow, that person left their car door open.  No one is closeby, so they must’ve gone inside.  That’s too bad.  Because it’s raining.  And the parking lot is busy for a Tuesday.

As I get closer, I realize that it’s MY car.  Yup.  Left the back door to the minivan WIDE open.  In the rain.  I thought to lock my doors using the key fab, but we all know that does NOTHING when the door is wide open.  Nothing was taken (there was nothing really to take) and my car wasn’t super wet inside.  But I have proven the reason why women can’t go back to work too early after giving birth.


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