What I wish my husband did more of

How can you tell your significant other what you want without sounding like you are nagging?  I mean, honestly, I don’t have a great answer for this.  Relationships are tricky, even though you may feel as though they shouldn’t be.  10 years into my marriage, I feel like it’s still a balance.  It’s not always a bad thing, believe me, because if you think about it, is the romance and spontaneity still there if you have every move down pat?  I’d like to think that we communicate well, and that we parent our kids well, but again, who am I to know everything about marriage?  I never claimed to and I still don’t.

I’d like to think I don’t ask for praise much.  I wouldn’t mind a “your hair looks nice” or “that’s a great outfit” or “wow, that dinner was good” without soliciting it.  A little pat on the back here and there isn’t a bad thing, and definitely makes me realize how much he notices and cares.  That’s huge.  Don’t just notice the terrible things that happen, but also acknowledge the good times, too.  It makes me feel good about being a wife, and a mom.

So what is the key to me as a wife, mom, professional, friend right now?  I wish my husband read this blog.  At first, I was nervous.  What would he think about what I wrote?  Would he appreciate it?  Would he like to know what is going on in my head right now?  Would he like to see how cathartic it feels to write what’s on my mind and share it with other moms/women/professionals who are just like me?  There has been many times where he sees me, typing furiously on my computer, and he will say, “what’cha doing?”  I will tell him, writing on my blog.  “What about?” he’ll ask sometimes (not all the time).  I will let him know about the topic that has stricken my fancy and gotten me to unload.  I don’t think he means to, but he only feigns interest.  Or maybe he doesn’t want to pry.  (You’d think after 10 years of marriage I could read him??? Nope!)  But to be honest, I wish he’d just login, read a quick post here or there, and get some insight into my life for a bit.  I don’t hide things from him, but it would be nice for him to see this side of me that has given me the outlet I need to help my healing process come this far.

So, hun?  If you are reading this, thank you.  Thank you for taking a moment to see what is going on in my brain at this moment.



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