Have you ever wondered what being a supermom really looks like?  The first picture that comes to mind is a mom, with curlers in her hair, holding an infant or toddler in one arm, while vacuuming with the other, dressed for success, with several other children milling about, with dinner on stove.  That’s what I … More SuperMom

A first for me

Today was a first for me in motherhood.  No, it wasn’t that my kid walked for the first time or said their first word.  It was that I didn’t stress out about staying home with my sick child.  Yep, that’s it.  It seems small, but believe me, for someone who battles depression and anxiety and … More A first for me

The Enabler

In our last ditch effort to enjoy the few remaining days of summer, we were at the beach recently.  My eldest wanted to go and get water, and I was getting sick of going back and forth to the water for both of my kids to simply pour out the water and request more (in … More The Enabler