What’s normal with what your kid does and obsesses about?  A favorite toy or food, that’s one thing.  But what about the kid who just has to wear a sweatshirt all the time (especially in summer)?  What then?  Do you play into it or try to break them of the habit? My youngest is in … More Obsessions?

Get the Paddle?

The moment when your kid gives you sass, knows they are wrong, and yet, stands their ground.  Even after you say, “You better not be fresh to me again!” and they retort with some other sassy comment that you just want to let your hand fly.  We have all had that moment, when you have … More Get the Paddle?

Oh, shit!

My cuckoo beans.  Yup, my kids.  I had to come up with something I could call them without feeling bad about it.  Read: something I knew meant more than it sounded and in my own mind, could be derogatory if I was feeling a little annoyed yet silly sounding to everyone else.  In listening to … More Oh, shit!